Monday, October 20, 2008

Going to the game

This year I have been lucky to have season tickets to the University of Utah football games, and with the season their having its even better to be in the stands cheering. Each of our girls have had a turn to go to a game, this week Abby was the lucky ticket Holder, it was a perfect day. Hannah, and Bailey have already been, Abby has been waiting for her chance and it couldn't have come any sooner. Here are some pic's of our day.

Abby and I getting ready to head to the game GO UTES!

You can't see the snow cone but the game started off right with a treat

Here's is Abby in the sea of red

As the game went on some of my coworkers that have tickets next to us spoiled Abby with lots of candy and snacks. Good snacks, a warm day, hanging with Dad, and a win for the Utes can it get any better that this?

Abby wanted to take a picture of her peanuts without any help from dad to remember the game


Sims Family said...

Cute shots, but UTAH? blech. You're killing me, Dustin!

Jake and Kandi Phillips said...

Hey what's up? Still need to come see the bambino, but wanted to give Erica and Sydney the chance to get settled in and comfy at home. Tell Erica to get blogging and make your page cute! :)


wood0306 said...

I love it. That would be so much fun. Maybe you can remeber your favorite cousin for one of those games :) You are a such a cute dad, I am so proud of you!