Monday, October 6, 2008

Our summer of fun!

After seeing our friends and families blogs and trying to get Erica interested in doing a blog for our family I have decided to just jump in and give it a shot. To start things off our family has had a fun summer from going to Disneyland, or taking our yearly trip to snowbird, rock climbing in the canyon, or just hanging around the house. There is that one big thing that has also happened this summer the birth of our newest family member Sydney Tess. Here are some pictures of our fun this summer.

At the top of the Snowbird Tram.

The kids enjoying the Hannah Montana 3d Concert.

Baby Sydney one day old.

Sydney coming home from the hospital.

Sydney at 5 days.


wood0306 said...

LOVE IT!!! Good job!!! I am excited to see you guys!!!

Sims Family said...

She looks just like Hannah!So sweet! Congrats!