Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year we had some fun with carving pumpkins, trick or treating, seeing the kids the school parade or just getting into the season. This year Hannah just had to dress up as Hannah Montana, she got a wig and dressed up like a rock star and carried a Hannah Montana guitar. Bailey dressed up like Snow White she was able to use her outfit from her dance recital and she also wore a wig, but on Halloween night we sprayed her hair with some of that coloring in a can. Abby dressed up like a witch this year and was such a trooper when we went trick or treating. The only problem was that she has to stop, and look at every decoration and kid that she passed.


Sims Family said...

Hey! They look so cute! How about that cute baby? Did she dress up? It was 97 degrees while we were out yesterday. YUCK!!! I had to get Alexa a new costume because the baby ones from the other kids are made for Utah weather. Oh well!

wood0306 said...

Very cute pics. Looks like you guys had some fun!!! It was exciting for us to. This was the 1st year we had the kids on Halloween. Miah took them out, and they came home with way to much candy!!! What memories!!! We use to hit every house within a mile radius!

wood0306 said...

Are you so wrapped up in facebook that you forgot about your blog ;)