Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well here it is...March! It is normally a busy month for us as 2 of our girls have birthdays...but this March takes the cake! I have not blogged for a while because of the craziness and I always think it is fun to have pictures to throw on, but for now this will be a picture free blog because who knows how long it will take me to get around to that. So this month (March 15) our oldest daughter Hannah turns 8! I feel like I just had her and should still be in our old house hanging out with my girlfriends and their new babies. But now all my girlfriends are scattered all over and we all have kids turning 8. So then on March 28 Bailey turns 6. She is so funny, such a good kid. It just so happens that Hannah will be baptized on March 28 and the cute thing is the girls are so excited about that. So as if 2 birthdays and 1 baptism are not enough, Hannah brought home a paper last thursday that said she is the VIP at school this week. Cool I thought, until I realized what that entaled. So this weekend was spent getting stuff to fill the estimation jar for school, printing pics to make a poster for school, and filling out a paper to read to the class. Not bad until you throw in that we also went to the Salt Lake Temple Saturday to take pictures of Hannah for her announcements for the baptism. So now throw in that I am making invitations for the baptism and trying to figure out the easiest, and least expensive dinner to do for everyone. Hannah has also been doing a Flat Stanley project which is way fun to do, but it is due on Tuesday so that is just one more project to throw into my crazy month I have termed March Madness! But....there is a silver month the hubby and I get an "adult only" trip. Yeah!!! We have not had one since the kids were born....did I mention the oldest is almost 8? So he is whisking me away to Vegas for a long weekend and we are seeing the Cirque De Soleil show "Mystere." I am so excited. Oh, did I also mention I have my first camp clinic this month?


wood0306 said...

Busy Busy... Vegas! We want to go and see that show. That sounds like fun!

Ali said...

Great blog! I can't wait to see more posts! PS It was fun to get together last night with everyone. Talk to you soon.

Meredith said...

Hey Erica,
It is fun to see you again! Four girls huh? We will have to hook our kids up. I have 3 boys with one more due in June.