Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's tough being 10 months old!

Sydney has reached the big 10 month old mark, and has survived! Barely! I say this because as I type this entry she sits by me with many injuries. She has the left over bruise on her forehead from falling into my moms kitchen table last week, a scab on her head from tipping Hannah's bike over on herself 2 weeks ago, a bloody tongue from falling and biting it about 10 minutes ago, and 2 little sores on her foot from refusing to wear shoes and crawling on the cement outside. Now adding in the 3 older sisters who love to play with her and are not always gentle, it is quite amazing she is in one piece! She is the cutest little thing and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is almost walking (only adding to the bruises) and she can say dada, mama, nana (for her older sister Hannah who is her 2nd mom) and her newest word is hi. She says it in this high pitch, squeaky voice and if you say it back she smiles and says it again. She is a good sleeper at night, and a good napper in the day. She gets toted everywhere and never complains. She loves to play with her sisters and she loves to dance. Anytime music comes on she starts bopping up and down with the biggest smile on her face. I love Sydney so much and am so happy she is my baby, even if she has lots of bruises!

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