Thursday, September 24, 2009

One year ago...

One year ago...I was in the hospital filling out paperwork, being hooked up to pitocin, and getting ready for labor. One year ago...I had my 4th beautiful baby girl after having my shortest labor. One year husband and I experienced the joy of holding a newborn angel and being in awe at our little miracle. One year ago...Sydney and I anxiously waited for 3 of the most excited sisters to come to the hospital for their first visit. One year ago...I nursed and snuggled and figured out how to add a little one to our crazy lives. Today I am watching my now 1 year old cruise around the house like she is 5 and drink her "big girl" milk out of a sippy cup. Today I am watching 3 amazing sisters still dote on Sydney as if she is new everyday. Some things change, but some still stay the same. Sydney Tess is my little angel and will always be my baby. Happy birthday baby....mommy loves you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What have I done?

Well after 5 years of living in a kitchen where you don't want to pass anyone other than your spouse because your going to rub against them, living with a kitchen where you can't open the oven all the way because it hits the fridge, so your get ready to get burned while taking out a pan of cookies, living with a kitchen where you sent the first fridge back because it didn't fit, and then getting the special more expensive counter top depth fridge delivered to only find out it doesn't fit either, living with a kitchen where your wife gave your brother in-law permission to cut the cabinet and counter top to fit that special expensive fridge, and then you have to go back and butcher them even more to force the fridge in the hole, living in a kitchen where after you butchered the cabinets and counter top to fit the fridge you still then have to jam the fridge in the hole, and then not be able to put molding back on the wall because the fridge door doesn't open when you do, living in a kitchen where opening the drawer next to the stove is like a puzzle -you can get it open after first opening the oven door and then pushing the drawer to the right to miss the burner knobs- living in a kitchen where you are in hurry to get something out of that same drawer and didn't realize that when you opened that drawer you accidentally hit the knob that turns on the lager gas burner just enough to cause a gas leak that goes all night until you wake up in the morning with a head ache and an explosive house, living in a kitchen where if your 4ft tall its nice because they only left you 12 inches between the counter top and upper cabinets so you have to do everything on the edge of the counter top WE ARE DONE!!! We have officially started the dreaded kitchen project. That is not to be confused with the basement project, laundry room project, backyard playground project, or family room project. But this is by far the messiest, craziest, most rewarding project of them all. Doesn't Erica have the best hubby in the world! I say yes!

Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day of School

Well it is official now....I have to wake up to an alarm clock!!!! AHHHHH!!! Dustin can confirm the fact that I am NOT a morning person and I do NOT appreciate waking up to an alarm. But I do enjoy being back in a routine and having a schedule to follow. Hannah is in 3rd grade and loving it. She is such a good student and gets good grades. Bailey just started the big 1st grade and is having so much fun. I kind of worried about her having to get up early and being gone all day but she is doing great. She loves her teacher and has a lot of friends. We went to back to school night last week and both of their teachers just talked about how much they love the girls. Bailey's teacher told us that she tested Bailey on reading and she did not miss 1 word until the 4th grade level. She could read all day if I would let her. I am so proud of both of my girls. Now I am at home with just 2 kids. It is a little strange but I am keeping busy. I am the secretary of the pta and love being involved in all that school stuff. I hope the year continues to go well....even if I have to wake up to that dumb alarm!

Hannah picked out her new Snowbird shirt for the 1st day.Hannah picked out her new Snowbird shirt for the 1st day.

Alyssa and Audrey are 2 of Hannah's best friends that she goes to school with.Alyssa and Audrey are 2 of Hannah's best friends that she goes to school with.

1st grade started the day after so this is Bailey's 1st day1st grade started the day after so this is Bailey's 1st day

Now Bailey gets to scooter like the big kids! Thank goodness for sisters!Now Bailey gets to scooter like the big kids!  Thank goodness for sisters!

Snowbird 2009

Well I am a little behind, but I am finally getting some posting done.  Dustin switched our blog so I have put off learning how to do this!  So in August we had our annual trip to Snowbird.  My kids count down for this every year.  It is probably my most memorable and fun trip as a kid, and I think that is how our kids feel.  Now that we have 4 kids, we have to take 2 cars.  We cannot fit luggage and food and 6 people in 1 car anymore.  We have a week that is filled with swimming, games, food (too much), and family.  This year we gave our kids a little bit more freedom.  We would let them go to the playground without us, but they all had to stay together.   We even put Sydney to bed at night and put a movie in for me and my sisters kids and then we would head down to the hot tub.  It was fun for all of us to have a little freedom.  They have some kid activities that include painting shirts, bingo, games, hikes and a treasure hunt.  Our kids love the lady that does those, her name is Sue and she is there every year.  Sydney was just learning to walk so we took her little walker and she would walk all over the tennis courts and up and down the hall to my mom and dads condo.  We never are ready to come home, but the kids are always excited to start school so that gives them something else to look forward too.