Monday, September 7, 2009

Snowbird 2009

Well I am a little behind, but I am finally getting some posting done.  Dustin switched our blog so I have put off learning how to do this!  So in August we had our annual trip to Snowbird.  My kids count down for this every year.  It is probably my most memorable and fun trip as a kid, and I think that is how our kids feel.  Now that we have 4 kids, we have to take 2 cars.  We cannot fit luggage and food and 6 people in 1 car anymore.  We have a week that is filled with swimming, games, food (too much), and family.  This year we gave our kids a little bit more freedom.  We would let them go to the playground without us, but they all had to stay together.   We even put Sydney to bed at night and put a movie in for me and my sisters kids and then we would head down to the hot tub.  It was fun for all of us to have a little freedom.  They have some kid activities that include painting shirts, bingo, games, hikes and a treasure hunt.  Our kids love the lady that does those, her name is Sue and she is there every year.  Sydney was just learning to walk so we took her little walker and she would walk all over the tennis courts and up and down the hall to my mom and dads condo.  We never are ready to come home, but the kids are always excited to start school so that gives them something else to look forward too.

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